Public Event By Next Step Together

Every Thursday at 6PM!!!

A Global Consent Spokescouncil of Eight Nonviolent Cultural Creatives.
Via Google Hangout, livestreamed to UTube

Hosted by Dan Kinsey & Tim Anderson
Watch live or archived: http://www.youtube.com/user/NextStepTogether
Invite all your friends who might care!

Join the Conversation
1. Create a Google Account if you don't already have one.
2. Add T Anderson account to your circle
3. Test your equipment by starting a hangout. Top right red button on the google hangout page
4. Show up early the day of to work out any technical issues (5PM).

Nominate Your Reps by using the Poll
We will contact and invite them.

By participating you consent to:

0) Start from zero
    We start as we do with friends, never violating each other,
    never assuming anything.

1) Consent
    We consent that all decisions effecting anyone
    ought to be consented to by them.

2) Sustainability
    We commit to helping the biosphere to thrive in the future.

3) Justice
    We will work For fairness, equality, equivalence for all.

4) Now
    We gather to plan WHAT we will do once we've gathered the critical mass,
    Working to pull that critical mass together quickly.

The 23%:
We consider 23% as a quorum, a critical mass. It could be smart to agree to continue to gather people and make no final decisions on WHAT we will do until we have buy-in from at least 23% of those effected by any decisions we make, local to global. This is a way to focus on the part of society most identified with proposals above. We aren't here to quibble. If you don't feel comfortable with it, you probably are in a different % :-)

~ Spokespeople together will represent the breadth of concerns and proposals of the world, not just themselves and their own ideas! Spokes are called to be in public service!

~ Our goal is to catalyze a full, self-defined, evolving constellation of the caring, for action on a series of proposals that will quickly, deeply and permanently optimize conditions for all.

~ Proposals will be discussed and offered to the 23% for objections and our (always revocable) consent.

~ We will network the entire global 23% into the consent/objection process asap. You assistance is essential!

Experiment! Send Reps. Watch.
Sit Down in This Circle.