Spokescouncils, Nov 9th-11th

A Growing Power-Equivalent General Assembly
Organizing & Self-governing The Nonviolent Left
In-Gathering the 23%
Send Reps!

Public Event · By Next Step Together

Friday, November 9-11, 2012

         Location: www.universityucc.org

         Special Guest Facilitator: John Buck
         International sociocracy consultant, trainer, & author of
         We the People, Consenting to a Deeper Democracy

         Mission: Justice and Sustainability

         Means: Nonviolence and Serious Fun

You, your people, your ideas WELCOME
Livestreaming welcomed and needed! Please help us get visible to all!
Sign up and connect here: facebook.com/events/115982248557843/

        5-7:00 PM - Affinity Groups & Selecting Reps
        7-9:00 PM - Seattle Spokescouncil, Popular Assembly
                ~ ~ ~ Move to Community Yoga ~ ~ ~
      9-10:30 PM - Turtle Dance
    10:30-11 PM - Move Together & Middle Circle
    11-12:30 AM - DJs (Church of Bass, Ecstatic, DreamDance, Turtle & Blues

           9-12 AM - Affinity Groups & Selecting Reps
           12-5 PM - Rep Groups, Work Groups, Workshops
                          (Fandango, Happiness Initiative, Open Space Technology,
                                                                                Offerings from Anyone)
             5-7 PM - Dinner, Dominic Holden*, Affinity Groups, Rep Groups
             7-9 PM - Puget Sound Spokescouncil, Popular Assembly

     10:30-12 AM - Ecstatic Dance 340 15th St. E, Capital Hill*
           12-5 PM - Rep Groups, Work Groups, Workshops
             5-7 PM - Dinner, Affinity Groups, Rep Groups
             7-9 PM - Western WA Spokescouncil, Popular Assembly

The facilitators are only about the *how*. We will build and hold the container, but we will not influence *what* the 23% consents to. We have to decide together what we will do! This is democracy the way it's supposed to be.

We’re structuring an organic, unbreakable network of ongoing, truly democratic decision-making for progressive mass action.

Come help birth the new democracy! We are building a phone/computer app based on what we do here. Your ideas, groups, organizations, power and full participation are essential!

Can’t be there? Send Reps you trust to connect you the rest of the movement!

Work big, together, transparently, efficiently, nonviolently for a just and sustainable world!

WHY 23%?
At least 23% of us are loving, nonviolent radicals, liberals, and progressives -- Cultural Creatives tired of losing, tired of working on merely symbolic actions. The 23% want our efforts to make a core difference, to change the game for good. And 23% is enough, a quorum, a starting place for consent, a critical mass of people in the game, thinking together and able to win nonviolently. When we represent and connect the 23% we will be able to decide things together, to get serious. 23% is not a majority, but, 23% acting together, strategically, nonviolently, is enough to tip the whole culture.

We're putting the cart behind the horse, the decisions will be made by all the people affected by them! We are experimenting, learning how to organize a large group the way people have always organized healthy small groups. It’s an evolutionary step beyond our unconscious instincts that make us freeze up in, distrust and leave large groups.

We will only consent to basic proposals we all can, at least, live with.

We’ll explore together how to weave the 23% living around the Sound together into an efficient, loving, smart, powerful force.

We’ll organize into Affinity Groups of eight. Each group will select, send, monitor and work with at least two Representatives. The Reps will meet in Second Circles of eight. These Second Circles will send two Reps to Third Circles, and so on. Like this Circle Video Illustration

We will strive for the utmost in power equivalence, transparency, inclusion, efficiency, systemic change, and fun.

The innermost groups of Reps will propose back to everyone the best proposals for action that we send them via our Reps. We will all improve on, consent to, act on, and measure these actions. We’ll learn from our actions and repeat the process.

We know it’s scary to get powerful and serious, but let’s feel our fear and do it anyway! Everything’s at stake. There’s safety in numbers and in loving nonviolence! Let’s dream up actions that create a world even the 1% want, a world so sweet it makes everyone happier.


Facilitation Circle: John Buck, Brian Fifer, Gay King, Cary Whitehead, Amanda Thorton, James Coddington and Nicole Gulotta, Jeff Smith, Tim Anderson

Gopher/Secretary: Tim Anderson
206 604 8284, Timbabwe1@aol.com

Sponsors: Next Step Together, Governance Alive (www.governancealive.com/), Occupy Seattle Non-Violence Group, The American Friends Service Committee?, your group? (Please contact us if you you’d like to co-sponsor!)

Childcare Coordinator: Amanda Thorton
Treasurer: Bradley Ehrlich
Democracy 2.0 App Production: Brian Fifer & John Buck
Despair and Empowerment Process: Tim Anderson
Art: James Coddington


Live Music: Evan Duke
Dances and DJ’s:
-Nina Von Felmann (Dream Dance)
-Hendrick (Church of Bass)
-Michael Manahan Mary Anderson (Ecstatic Dance)
-Scott Robinson (Turtle Dance)
-Buster Jonas Rådvik (Art & Soul)
Nonviolence Workshops and Civil Disobedience Workshops: AFSC and FOR
Indigenous Peoples Affinity Groups: Jeff Smith
Drumming: Katia Roberts
Fandango: Carrie Lanza
Women’s Council: Devin
Men’s Council: John
Facilitation: Leif, Grace, John, Devin
Ride Coordinator?
Food Coordinator, Elizabeth... Food Not Bombs


Fandango contains protocols within dance, music, verse, and participation that provide new channels of communication, connection, and understanding. People find themselves through musical interaction with others, and both individually and communally realize new possibilities and ways of being. This is convivencia, to convene and coexist. Once people leave fandango, this new sense of self carries over to other parts of their lives.

Another amazing way to get out of our heads and into community. No need to dance well and no talking allowed